Title: A.C.T.fast Adrenaline Controlled Topical Course and Practical Training

Price: £499.00

Summary: This course covers the skills and knowledge a Semi-permanent / micro-blading practitioner will need to legally and safely administer topical adrenaline to their clients. Course theory components: • Bespoke first aid and anaphylaxis • Learn about topical adrenaline • Skin preparation and surface cleaning • Risks from blood borne diseases and Hepatitis B • Troubleshooting adrenaline treatments • Business management • Health and hygiene systems and waste disposal • Needle stick injuries Course practical components: • Bespoke first aid and anaphylaxis • Practice of topical adrenaline passes

Qualification: Successful completion will result in a fully accredited CPD certification, VTCT endorsed A.C.T. fast certification and bespoke First Aid certification Course

Accreditation: VTCT Pre-requisites: Successful completion of a micro-pigmentation or micro-blading course by an accredited and reputable training provider.

Course Type: Theory and Practical

Theory Hours: 7 Hours

Practical Hours: 1 Hours

Examination: Examination at Lisa Mann Beauty Salon