Course Title: Semi-Permanent make up (SPMU)

Cost: £2,500.00 (excludes SPMU kit/machine)

Summary: This course will cover the techniques needed to learn how to tattoo eyebrows, lip liner and eyeliner. Practical sessions will involve practice skins before progressing to live models.
This is a 5-day course split 4 days together and the final assessment day 6-8 weeks later (or when portfolio of 10 models completed). A pre-study manual will need to be completed prior to the training days (approx. 20 hrs). We recommend that the Act-fast Adrenaline course be taken in conjunction with this course.  The following areas will be covered during the course:
• Anatomy & Physiology: The skin and face, lymph system, immune system.
• Health, Safety & Salon Hygiene: Your duty of care, regulations, licensing, sterilisation, disinfection & needle disposal.
• Client Consultation: Managing expectations, contraindications, record keeping, patch testing, medical issues to consider, pain control, after care and follow up treatments.
• Equipment: Getting to know the tools, blade choice, and additional equipment required for treatments, setting up your work area.
• Colour Theory: Identifying skin tones, choosing colours and tones, mixing colours, controlling colour performance in the skin, working on ethnic skin types.
• Pain Control: Legal options available and their application.
• Perfect brow positioning: How to measure and position the brows using the Golden Ratio calculator.
• Client Care.
• Treatment application: Enhancing thin brows, creating natural hair strokes, colour blending.

Qualification: Successful completion will result in a fully accredited certification.

Course Accreditation: ABT Accredited

Pre-requisites: Infection control qualification, Recognised beauty make-up qualification

Course type: Theory and practical

Course Dates: